Race Wrench

by Brian Volkert

Got a Race Wrench? Most low-budget vintage racers have one. Maybe under a different name but they’re there.

‘Race Wrench’ is the name for that compatriot who is there to help, cajole and coach your vintage racing experience. Different than paid professional help or fellow racer(s), they contribute immeasurable hours to help get your car on the track.

New to racing or just thinking about it, your Race Wrench will appear and be a much valued resource. Starting vintage race on a budget is exciting and daunting. Knowing that a Race Wrench is out there reduces trepidation.

My friend David is my car’s Race Wrench and he stepped into the role with great zeal. Asked for help on a single task, he stepped up and his involvement expanded. He was not connected to vintage racing or Sprite-Midgets but my participation triggered his connection allowing him to draw on skills and past experiences in a competitive environment. Our decades of friendship and shared experiences grants him both trust and the luxury to butt kick when necessary.

Here you see pictures of a rock hole in the Sprite’s bonnet and of David armed with his own repair materials making repairs. Without him the cost and time delay of a body shop repair would have been needed. With a Race Wrench the Sprite was quickly ready for the track.

Who is your Race Wrench?